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GSR Champions - WINGS
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Lynnfield Youth Basketball is a sports program offered through Lynnfield Youth Sports Program, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, for Lynnfield residents and students attending Lynnfield schools in grades 1 through 8.


Lynnfield Youth Basketball has three program offerings:

  • The Skills and Drills program is offered to Girls and Boys in Grades 1 - 3.   Sessions are held once a week for 1-hour per session for a total of 9 weeks.  Sessions are held on weeknights.


  • The In-Town program is offered to Girls and Boys in Grades 4 - 8, both of which are divided into Junior Divisions (Grades 4-5) and Senior Divisions (Grades 6-8).  Players are divided into teams and each team meets once or twice per week for practices and games.  There are approximately 8 regular season games, followed by playoffs.  All practices and games are held during weeknights.


  • The Travel program is offered to Girls and Boys in Grades 4 - 8.  All players registered in the In-Town program are eligible to try out.  Selected players will be placed on teams by grade level.  Travel teams generally practice twice per week during weeknights and have games on weekends.


Lynnfield Public Schools


  • You are only approved for use of the gym and the closest bathrooms
  • No food or drinks allowed in the gym (water bottles are fine)
  • A coach must always arrive before the team arrives, be present at all times and remain until everyone has left
  • The gym must be cleaned up prior to the team’s departure (that includes all water bottles). The coach is also responsible for checking the bathrooms and locker rooms for trash or vandalism
  • The baskets must be returned to the position you found them in, if you changed them
  • Do not alter/change or remove anything from the walls or the space without permission
  • Players should remain in the gym and parents in the gym or gym lobby. Players/parents may use the closest bathroom
  • No bouncing, kicking or throwing balls in any space other than the gym. Also, no bouncing balls off the walls or ceiling in or out of the gym
  • Positively no wandering the school or hallways

Any damage to the building or vandalism will result in immediate loss of building use.  Additionally, your organization will be responsible for the cost of repairs. The DPW will contact you regarding the charges. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Lynnfield School Department